Simulating A SouQ in Arabic Class by Rana Abdul-Aziz

This video was filmed at the NCLRC STARTalk Summer Institute called Hands On Arabic K-12. This is a 15 minute interpersonal communication information-gap activity to culminate a lesson around Arab clothing and colors taught by other instructors. Students are briefly introduced to the idea of an Arab market/bazaar and are asked to re-enact it. Half of the students are to be vendors and are to advertise merchandise they have on their handout (various items of clothing in different colors). The other students are to be shoppers looking to buy item on their list (various items in specific colors). The shoppers are to go from vendor to vendor asking for specific items they need while the vendors try to advertise their goods and convince the shopper to buy their merchandise. Structures used: clothing vocabulary, colors (students were only introduced to masculine colors), I have, you (masculine and feminine) have, I, you (masculine and feminine) do not have, noun adjective phrases (new, old, big, small, beautiful), greetings.

Here are the instructions given to the students:

You are shopping in a typical Arab Souq (سوق عربي) and need to go around to each vendor and ask them if they have what you are looking for. Once you find it, cross it off your list. Don’t forget to be polite.

You are a vendor in a typical Arab Souq (سوق عربي). You need to advertise your merchandise the typical way, coming up with a song or slogan or just yelling out what you have. Don’t forget to use adjectives and say where your items are from.

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