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Through 2008, the the National Capital Language Resource Center's Arabic K-12 Project authored and distributed occasional newsletters to our members. However, as our membership and the volume of information useful to Arabic teachers has grown in recent years, we have switched to an e-mail listserv update that goes out approximately every other week. This allows us to send a greater amount of relevant content to our members and do so more quickly.

The Arabic K-12 Listserv is a network of over 900 educators interested in the Arabic K-12 field in the U.S. Membership to this listserv is free by simply e-mailing arabick12@gmail.com and requesting to join. All members are welcome to submit posts in English or Arabic and may do so by e-mailing their contentto the address above, specifying their content for the listserv.

Below is an example of the introduction and table of contents of a typical listserv message.

Dear educators,

Spring greetings from DC! Like my last announcement, this week's edition is also packed with some really important nuggets for Arabic teachers and administrators. First off, STARTALK has made their summer programs available on their website, so check out their offerings and apply soon while there are still slots (1 & 2). For administrators, the request for proposals for FLAP grants are out, so if your public school needs money for Arabic, this is your chance (5). Lastly, we have a brief blurb included to join the National Arabic Teacher's Association which has many resources for Arabic teachers (3). Check out these and more below!

Mike Greer


1) MULTIPLE TRAINING: STARTALK Lists 2010 Summer Institutes for Teachers and Students
2) TRAINING: Boston U offers STARTALK Academy for Arabic Teachers
3) TRAINING: Michigan State University offers STARTALK Teaching and Learning Arabic in Action
4) RESOURCE: Join the National Arabic Teachers Association
5) JOB OPENING: Public K-9 Charter School seeks Arabic Instructor

6) FUNDING: Update to FLAP grants
7) LOCAL JOB OPENING: US Dept of Ed Seeks FLAP application reviewers
8) NEW BOOK: Sahlawayhi Set 1-Graded Stories for Beginners
9) NEW BOOK: Kharbashat Imra'ah Arabiyaah
10) STUDENT OPPORTUNITY/FUNDING: April 12th deadline for SALAM program in Oman
11) STUDENT OPPORTUNITY: Arab American Language Institute in Morocco Extends deadline till April 1

12) STUDENT OPPORTUNITY: Summer Intensive Program in Gulf Arabic 2010
13) STUDENT OPPORUTNITY: Summer Institute for the Languages of the Muslim World
14) STUDENT OPPORTUNITY: Darna Education Services, Arabic Immersion in Jordan

e-mail arabick12@gmail.com to join the listserv

Old Newsletters & Salimaat

You can download our older newsletters and Salimaat here:


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