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The June 2011 Culture Club has been launched! You will find a new Where in the World? Mystery Photo Contest in the Photo Gallery; reviews of French and Italian films in the Screening Room; reviews of French and Spanish books in the Library; an interview with a Russian teen-ager in the Hangout; an article on "America's French Heritage" in the Speaker's Corner and an accompanying lesson plan in the Teachers' Lounge; a recipe for Bocconcini di Caprese (Caprese Bites) in the Banquet Hall; new cinquains in the French, German, and Italian Poetry Rooms; and a new cross-cultural story by the June winner in the Culture Shocks blog. Remember that contributions to the Culture Club are always welcome.

June 2011

America's French Heritage
By Marcel LaVergne Ed.D.

When I was an active French teacher, I knew that there were American cities that had French names such as Detroit, Butte, Montpelier, Pierre, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Saint Louis, Fayetteville, and a few others, but I really never did anything with that information other than to mention it. As I became a part-time university professor of Foreign Language Methodology and a leader of summer workshops for L2 teachers I discovered that I was not alone, as the following will attest. To read more Download Full Article

photo_gallery Photo Gallery
Where in the World Mystery Photo Contest!!!

Take a look at our new June Mystery Photo Contest. If the picture looks familiar, participate NOW in order to win a prize and be featured as next month’s photo gallery winner. See picture now!

screening Screening Room
French and Italian Movie Reviews
French: Les Rendevous de Paris
Italian: Dieci Inverni (Ten Winters)

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library Library
New book reviews and new poems!

French: Jeanne la fileuse
Spanish: Los jefes: 6 cuentos cortos and La canción verde

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library Hangout
Interview withTimur from RUSSIA
Many thanks to Timur from Russia for agreeing to be interviewed in the Culture Club’s Hangout. Teachers of Russian can download the interview transcript for use in their classroom. We would also like to thank his teacher Guliya Shaykhutdinova, Lyceum #1, Salavat, Russia, and the Culture Club Hangout recruiter Larissa Olesova. See interview

Teachers’ Lounge
America’s French Heritage Lesson Plan

By Marcel LaVergne Ed.D.

While created specifically for teachers of French, this lesson plan could be easily adapted, with some additional research, for the German, Italian, or Spanish classroom.Download lesson.
bloggers Bloggers’ Den New entries on our Culture Shocks Blog.
Our previous winners: For June: Synthia Woodcock-Dang; for May: Reed Stevens Skoug; for April: June Graff and Nicole Finch; for March: RoseAnna Mueller

The Poetry Rooms are now available in Language Specific Blogs!

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