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Ahmed from Jerusalem
Mahmoud from Egypt

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Ahmed from Jerusalem
Read the interview in ENGLISH


1-ما اسمك؟ هل لاسمك دلالة معينة بلغتك الام؟
إسمي احمد. نعم- ويعني انني جيد الأفعال

2-كم سنك؟
سني ستة عشر عاماً

3-من اي مدينة و بلد انت؟
أنا من القدس من فلسطين مقيم في أبو ظبي

4-بماذا بلدك مشهورة؟ بماذا مدينتك مشهورة؟
مشهورة بالمقدسات

5-ماهي اللغة الرسمية في بلدك؟
اللغة العربية

6-ما هو كتابك المفضل؟ ماهي الافلام المفضلة عندك؟
لا أقرأ كثيراً. افلام الرعب والكوميديا
7-ما هما الفلمان المفضلان عندك؟ من هم الموسقيين المفضلون عندك؟
System of Adown Walk the line.

8-اوصف  لنا يوما نموذجيا في المدرسة

9-ما هي المادة التي تحبها كثيرا؟ لماذا؟ ماهي المادة التي لا تحبها كثيرا؟ لماذا؟
اللغة الانجليزية- لا احب البيلوجيا

10-ماهي الموضة عند البنات في هذا الموسم؟ ماهي الموضة عند الصبيان؟
تنايز قصيرة-عادي

11-ماهي انواع الرياضة التي يمارسها الصبيان؟ ماهي انواع الرياضة التي تمارسها الفتيات؟
كرة القدم- لا يلعبون

12-ماهي احدث كلمة او جملة عامية مستعملة؟ ماهو معناها؟
هلا- معناها مرحبا

13-ماهي اكلتك المفضلة؟ ماهو شرابك المفضل؟
دجاج- عصير برتقال

14-ماذا تفعل في عطلتك الاسبوعية؟
العب مع اصحابي بالعاب الفيديو

15-متى تخرج للفسحة مع أصدقاءك و ماهي وسيلة التنقل؟حافلة؟ دراجة؟ سيارة؟ او راجلا؟
في الليل-سياره

16-اذا زارك طالب او طالبة امريكيان في مدينتك الى اين ستأخذهم؟
مشاهدة افلام

17-كيف تقول شكرا بلغتك؟

18-ماذا تحب من اقامتك في مدينتك؟ و ماذا لاتحب؟
احب اصدقائي وعائلتي

19-ماذا تظن عن الامركيين؟
اناس طيبون ولكنهم ذو وزن زائد

20-اكمل الجملة التالية: من ست سنوات من الان سأ...
من ست سنوات من الان سأكون قد أصبحت محامياً



1) What is your name? Does your name mean anything particular in your language?
My name is Ahmed

2) How old are you?
I am 16 years old

3) Which city and country are you from?
I am from Jerusalem but I reside in Abu-Dhabi

4) What is your country known for? What is your city known for?
Known by its Holy treasures

5) What is your country's official language? Do you speak other languages?
Arabic language

6) What is your favorite book? What is your favorite movie?
I don't read much- scary movies and comedy

7) What are your two favorite songs? Who are your favorite musicians?
System of Adown Walk the line

8) Describe a typical day at school. Boring

9) What subject do you like the most? Why? Which subject do you dislike the most? Why?
English Language- I don't like biology

10) What is in fashion for girls this season? What is in fashion for boys?
Short skirts - same

11) What kind of sports do the boys like? What sports do the girls like?
Soccer - girls don't practice sport

12) What is the most recent slang word or phrase? What does it mean?
"Hala", it means welcome

13) What is your favorite food? What is your favorite drink?
Chicken - orange juice

14) What do you do during the weekend?
I play video games with my friends

15) When you go out with your friends, how do you go? By bus? By motorbike? By car? On foot?
in the evening - car

16) If an American student came to your city, where would you take him/her?
Watch a movie

17) How do you say "Thank you" in your language?

18) What do you like about living in your city? What don't you like?
I like my friends and my family members

19) What do you think of Americans? They are nice people but obese

20) Complete this phrase: "Six years from now, I...
In six years from now I will be a lawyer

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-Mahmoud from Egypt
If you wish to see this interview in ARABIC, please download it here.

Mahmoud is a 21 year-old college student who lives in Cairo, Egypt.

1) What is your name? Does your name mean something in your language?
My name is Mahmoud. It means praiseworthy, the glorified one.

2) How old are you?
I'm 21.

3) What country are you from? Where on the world map can we find your country?
I'm from Egypt. Egypt is in the north eastern part of Africa, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, between Libya and the Gaza Strip, and the Red Sea north of Sudan.

4) What is your country known for?
Egypt is known for the Pyramids, the river Nile, for Fool (java beans) as a traditional dish, and for the Pharaohnic civilization.

5) What is the official language of your country? Do you speak any other languages?
The official language is Arabic, but I also speak other languages.

6) What is your all time favorite book or movie?
I don't read in Arabic, but I do read books written in English, and my favorite book is "The Godfather" which is also my favorite movie.

7) What are your two favorite songs or musicians?
I like Western music, and I tend to listen to it a bit more than I listen to Arabic music. My favorite band is Dream Theater (a progressive metal band), and my favorite song is Metropolis.

8) Describe a typical school day.
I attend the Fine Art School of Architecture, which is a five-year program. I typically have classes from 9am to 3pm after which I go home to rest and have lunch. Then at about 6pm, I start studying.

9) What are your favorite subjects and least favorite subjects to study? Why?
Even though I'm not studying to be an engineer, in order to gain my architectural license, I need to take some basic engineering classes. I like the subjects that stimulate my creativity and require drawing such as "Design Problems", but the subjects that don't require drawing don't interest me as much.

10) What are some of the fashion trends for teenagers this year?
The hijab (head scarf) is the latest fashion for girls and jeans for the guys.

11) What sports do boys really like to play? What about girls?
The girls like to take walks, while the boys like to play soccer.

12) The latest slang word or phrase is: Tahan which means: "extremely"

13) What is your favorite food?
My favorite food is filet mignon.

14) What do you do on the weekends?
I usually hang out with my friends over the weekends. We either go to the movies, to dinner, to quiet bars, or just cruise around in the car.

15) When you go out with your friends, how do you get to where you are going? Bus, motorbike, car, on foot, etc?
By car.

16) If an American student came to your city, where would you take him or her?
I would take them on a tour of Khan el Khalily, Egypt's most famous market, and to see the pyramids and the Sphinx.

17) This is how you say "Thank you" in Arabic:

18) What do you like and what do you not like about living in your city?
I love my family and my people, but I hate the pollution!

19) What is your opinion of Americans?
I think that Americans are hard workers, and I also like their sense of humor.

20) Finish this sentence: In 5 years from now, I will…
… have finished school and started a job working as an architect and be making plans to see the world!

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