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The Culture Club will have many new materials in the October edition. Look for it on the 15th of next month. In the meantime on September 15 you will find a new Where in the World? Mystery Photo contest and news about the winner of the July contest.

The Culture Club is an online environment where teachers of foreign languages can find materials and information to help them teach about the culture(s) of their target language(s). Below you will discover what is currently featured in each of the nine rooms of the Club. Each room also has a link to its Collection where you will find all the previously-featured materials. Please let us know what you think of receiving this update. If you have trouble following the links from the email, paste this URL into your browser:

Speakers' Corner

JULY 2010: A RARE VIEW OF ROME: Learning Italian in Quick Time
By Frances M. Sanfilippo Go to article

JUNE 2010: Le Cinema: Going to the Movies in Paris
By Rebekah Bray Go to article

MAY 2010: Summer Traveling: Share your stories with us!
See the announcement

photo gallery
Photo Gallery

SEPTEMBER 2010 Photo Contest: Be the winner! Name the city and country. See photograph

JULY 2010 Photo Contest: Congratulations to Heather Martens. See photograph

JUNE 2010 Photo Contest: Congratulations to Deborah McGee Mifflin. See photograph

banquet hall
Banquet Hall

MAY 2010: Black Forest Cherry Cake from German-Speaking Europe See recipe

MARCH 2010: Mexican Hot Chocolate Read article

music room
Spanish Music Room

JUNE 2010: Dibujando memorias by Editus Read Review

MARCH 2010: Rubén Blades Greatest Hits by Rubén Blades Read Review

The French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian Collections are still available in the Culture Club Collection

Screening Room

JULY 2010:
Chinese: The Last Emperor
French: Etre et Avoir
Italian: Caterina va in citta'
Spanish: Todos estamos invitados

JUNE 2010:
Chinese: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
French: Rue Cases-Nègres (Sugarcane Alley)
Italian: The Magic of Fellini
Italian: The Last Victory

MAY 2010:
Chinese: Hero
French: Ponette
Italian: L'Ultimo Bacio (The Last Kiss)
Russian: School
Spanish: ¿Y tú quién eres?


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JULY 2010:
French: French or Foe? Getting the Most out of Visiting, Living and Working in France
Italian: La Boutique del Mistero

JUNE 2010:
French: Sacrés fonctionnaires! Un Américain face à notre bureaucratie
Italian: Galileo's Daughter

Discover new cinquains for use in your classroom in
NEW! the German Poetry room: Der Saal Von Poesie
the French Poetry Room: L'âme poétique de nos écoles Featuring cinquains from Leslie Grabowski and her students in Fairfax County, Virginia
the Italian Poetry Room: Sala delle Poesie 
the Spanish Poetry Room: El Rincón Poético Featuring Chilean cinquains from the NCLRC's Erica Manta

teachers lounge
Teachers' Lounge

JULY 2010: Lesson Plan: Teaching Culture through Photographs: Street Signs
By L. Cavaglieri, from Milan, Italy Go to article

JUNE 2010: Lesson Plan: World Cup Fever: Students as Soccer Match Commentators
Go to article

MAY 2010: Using Photos to Teach Culture
By Ann Williams Go to article

The Hangout

JUNE 2010: Corrina and Sara from Rome, Italy tell about their lives as teenagers in Rome. Go to article

APRIL 2010: Ingvill, a teenager from Lom, Norway shares what her life is like in Norway Go to interview

internet media
Bloggers' Den

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Check out these blogs and many more, including blogs in additional languages and the NCLRC's own Culture Shocks blog, in the Bloggers' Den!


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