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October greetings! Those nippy fall breezes have started blowing here and we're back into the swing of things with a great issue for you. This month's theme is Reaching Out Through Art. The photo at right shows a piece by Guillermina Aguilar which is described in our Feature story. We continue with the creative arts in Tech For Teachers, where you can learn to design your own screen saver, and in For Your Classroom, where you can read about community connections through art.

The Culture Club this month lets you admire works of culinary art and enter two contests by identifying photos. Language at Work lets us learn about the job of a multilingual guide at the National Gallery of Art, and Websites for Teachers directs you to useful sources of authentic art materials. Read these and all our regular monthly columns online here.

redstar_white_bg Announcements:
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redstar_white_bg Feature article

Promoting Foreign Language Development in the Art Classroom
By Cynthia Weill & Dr. K.B. Basseches

At Loudon County Virginia's professional development days for its art teachers in August, Art Educator, Dr. K. B. Basseches and Foreign Language Consultant, Cynthia Weill demonstrated how to incorporate foreign language skill development into art and craft making activities. Read and see more...

redstar_white_bg Teacher's Diary

This is the third installment in the diary of Sofia, a second-year Spanish teacher at a charter school in the Baltimore area. She will share her teaching experiences and reflections over the coming year.

Dear Diary,
For my graduate school class this semester, I am required to observe some of my fellow teachers in action. For my first assignment, I chose to observe Ms. K, my department head, and the (only) French teacher at the school. Read about what Sofia learned...

redstar_white_bg Extra-Extra!
Our staff collects headlines from mainstream news on foreign language learning. Read about Bilingual Babies and more...
redstar_white_bg Tech for Teachers
How To Make A Thematic Screen Saver For Your Personal Use Or As A Class Project
By Sheila Cockey

The ubiquitous screen saver could use some individuality! To decrease the boredom, many computer operators use their own photos, especially as wallpaper on the desktop. This is a project that will teach you how to make a thematic screen saver with any number of pictures that will rotate according to your choice of time and sequence. Read how to do it...

redstar_white_bg Readers' Corner

This month we ask about language clubs: Do you mentor one? What do you think? Do you know of fun, educational activities or projects that will engage learners at a variety of levels?
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Last month we asked, Why do you go to conferences ? If you don't, why not ? Are there any specific conferences you would recommend to other teachers? See the results here...

redstar_white_bg For your Classroom

Reaching Out to the Community Through Art: My Personal Stories
by Sheila Cockey

Joining two passions, art and foreign languages, and then bringing those passions into the community at first seems to be a daunting task.However, when students become involved in the planning of activities that will show evidence of community orientation, it becomes an exciting journey of exploration and discovery.Read more...

redstar_white_bg Culture Club

Three rooms have been renovated in the Culture Club for October. You will find new reviews of Spanish-language CDs in the Music Room. The Banquet Hall features a photo exhibit of culinary delights (Like this Ravioli con Pistcchio) at three restaurants in Milan, Italy, and photo exhibits and contests in the Photo Gallery (formerly known as the Art Gallery).

redstar_white_bg Language at work

Interview by Sheila Cockey
Each month, we interview people from various professions and occupations to find out how they are using their foreign language at work. This month, meet Ludmilla Pruner, Guide at the National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC. Read more...

redstar_white_bg Dear Yana

by Sheila Cockey
This month's question is:
Dear Yana,
I inherited a "magic box" of pictures from a teacher who just retired. There are mostly magazine pictures of one sort or another, but also some art prints. What can I do to use these pictures? Read YANA's answer...

redstar_white_bg Professional Development, Conferences and Funding Oportunities
The NCLRC Teachers' Calendar will help you plan your professional development this year. See our lists of conferences, calls for papers, and grant deadlines.
redstar_white_bg Ask Dora

Dora Johnson, of the Center for applied Linguistics, answers your questions about languages and linguistics. This month's question is:
Dear Dora,
I've been thinking about going back to school for an advanced degree in linguistics and I was wondering what my career options would be, besides teaching. Read Dora's answer...

redstar_white_bg Critical Languages
Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Russian, and more

Here's where you can find news and funding opportunities for students and teachers of critical languages. This month, read about a study tour of Saudi Arabia and Eurasian studies grants. Read more...

redstar_white_bg Websites for Teachers
By Laura Blythe Liu
Wondering where you can find authentic art materials for your target language and culture? Find many useful links here!
redstar_white_bgNCLRC Staff

Hi! We're busy getting ready for the ACTFL Conference these days. We hope to meet you if you're going. Stop by and see us at booth 302, and enter our contest to win a summer institute!

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