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VOL. 10, NO. 10 theme icon December, 2006
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Reaching Out to Colleagues is our theme this month. We find out what's happening with the fledgling National Museum of Language in our Feature Story. Our Teacher Diary deals with intolerance, and Tech for Teachers shows ways to connect online with other teachers. For Your Classroom offers a "crafty" lesson to collaborate with visual arts colleagues. A first-time conference goer writes for advice from Dear YANA on how to get the most from conferences. Parents Ask Dora for help with language study and as always, our Teacher's Calendar is packed with information you can use. This month we introduce the new graphic calendar to make your search for grants, fellowships, exchanges, and conferences easier than ever!.

We're excited about the new cyber-face we have here at, a fantastic updated website designed by Susana Echeverría. We hope that you find all kinds of useful resources and materials in our new site. If you're looking for something that we've moved, just drop us a line and we'll help you locate it. Wishing you a restful holiday and a wonderful New Year! - Your editor, Jill.

redstar_white_bg Announcements:
  • NCLRC’s 2007 Summer Institutes are open for registration. See the schedule and register now!
  • ACTFL 2007: Annual Convention and Exposition, “Bridging Cultures through Languages” Proposal submission deadline: December 15, 2006
  • National Council of Less Commonly Taught Languages: Tenth National Conference: "Professional Horizons in LCTLs: Reality and Promise" Proposal Deadline – December 18, 2006
  • STARTALK Grants: Deadline for Proposals: December 15, 2006 In the summer of 2007, the STARTALK project, managed by the National Foreign Language Center, University of Maryland, will provide funding for programs to offer Arabic and Chinese language study for high school students AND professional development opportunities for teachers of Arabic and Chinese. Download info here.
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redstar_white_bg Feature article
AMReaching Out to Colleagues in the Field of Languages: Working to Build a National Museum of Language The Language Resource had the pleasure of talking with Amelia Murdoch, one of the founders of the National Museum of Language in College Park, Maryland the other day. She told us about plans for the museum and how language teachers can get involved. This museum promises to be a great resource for all of us who work in the language field. Read more...
redstar_white_bg Teacher's Diary

Each month we offer a view into the life of a language teacher. Sofia is a second-year Spanish teacher. Read how she dealt with prejudice in her classroom:
Dear Diary, A couple of weeks ago, I showed my students "Through Our Eyes," (2006) a thirty-minute documentary that showcases the successes and struggles of Washington, DCís Latino community since the 1970s. I went in to the lesson thinking that the film was going to be a way to give the students some historical information about the Latino community in a neighboring city. I could never have imagined that it would incite such strong reactions... Read more...

redstar_white_bg Tech for Teachers
Teacher Collaboration & Newsgroups
by Laura Blythe Liu

Interactive technology has changed the meaning of the word, collaboration, as it has opened a wider variety of options for how teachers collaborate with one another. One form of collaboration that has recently grown is that of the on-line newsgroup, or listserv as they are often called. A particularly resourceful newsgroup for foreign language instructors is the FL Teach Newsgroup. Read more...
redstar_white_bg Readers' Corner

Here's where you, our dear readers, can TALK BACK! This month we ask about traveling abroad.

Have you traveled abroad to improve your target language proficiency? Answer our Poll

What kind of travel or study abroad program do you recommend? Click here to answer the Question

Last month we asked about clubs. See the results here...

redstar_white_bg For your Classroom

Sheila Cockey's Jigsaw puzzle is a great lesson plan for teachers who are looking for ways to keep their students engaged in class before winter vacation! Students will practice both skills for detailed description and listening. This activity may be done at any time of the year, though if near holidays commonly celebrated in the target culture, the language teacher may use paintings that have a celebratory or religious nature to them. See the lesson.

redstar_white_bg Websites for Teachers
by Laura Blythe Liu
Our staff combs the webs for useful sites. This month, we look at Chinese, Cantonese, French, Latin, Russian and Japanese sites for authentic materials and resources. Find out about the LCTLs listerves, too. Read more...
redstar_white_bg Culture Club

Three rooms have new content this month: the Speaker's Corner, the Library, and the Screening Room. A contest for teachers of Italian is launched in the Speaker's Corner. The Computer Lab has become the Internet Media Room, and we invite you to take a peek at the work in progress. No one has yet identified the Where in the World? Mystery Photo for October in the Photo Gallery. Can you? As always, we welcome your contributions to the Culture Club.

redstar_white_bg Dear YANA

Edited by Sheila Cockey
YANA is short for 'You are not alone" Your questions are answered by an expert on languages and culture teaching. This month's questions are:

  • I am being sent by my school system to our state foreign language association conference. I have never gone to one of these before, and they have chosen me because I am a new teacher. How can I get the most out of the conference?
  • The HR office in my district has consistently lost and/or not recorded information and documentation about courses I have taken and other things I have done toward recertification or for professional development. How can I change this without losing my job?

Read YANA's answers...

redstar_white_bg Professional Development, Conferences and Funding Opportunities
There are way too many conferences and deadlines for one overworked teacher to keep up with! Let us help you with our wonderful new graphic Teacher's Calendar! Click and discover what's happening in the coming year!
redstar_white_bg Ask Dora

Dora Johnson is an expert on languages and language resources. Every month she answers reader's questions related to languages. This month's questions are:

  1. My daughter, a HS junior, has been studying Spanish for 3 years. She didn't make it into her school's summer program, and she's been bummed-out ever since. Surely there are other summer language programs in Spain designed for high school-aged students that she could apply for?
  2. Our son and daughter "did" Arabic camp this summer. Their strong interest continues. Our local high school (in a town of 800 people) is very open to having them study Arabic here. We are asking you to recommend some program or method that we could use for a distance or self study.

Read Dora's answers...

redstar_white_bg Critical Languages
Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Russian, and more
It's all about African languages this month - pocket dictionaries, standards and curriculum development, and a call for a sponsor of an ALTA award. Read more...
redstar_white_bgNCLRC Staff

We're getting into the holiday spirit here on "Eye Street!" We wish all of you a restful winter break and the peaceful joys of reuniting with family and friends over the coming holidays.

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