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October 2010
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redstar_white_bg Announcement:

The NCLRC will be presenting at the GWATFL/MFLA Joint Fall Conference, "Go Global: Communicate, Collaborate, Participate," at Ann Arundel Community College in Arnold, MD on October 15-16, 2010. Come hear our presentations on Saturday, October 16th:

Session 1 (9:00): FREE: Free Resources for Every Educator, Anup Mahajan

Session 1 (9:00): Trends in Arabic Teaching: The 2009 Arabic School Survey, Dora Johnson & Catharine Keatley

Session 2 (10:15): The Essentials: A Guide to Standards-based K-12 Arabic Teaching, Catharine Keatley & Leah Mason

Session 3 (12:30): National Trends in the Teaching of South Asian Languages K-12, Anup Mahajan

The NCLRC will be presenting at the East Coast Organization of Language Testers conference on October 29-30 at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. Come hear our presentations:

October 29th: Promoting Oral Proficiency Gain in Study Abroad, Francesca Di Silvio

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redstar_white_bg Feature article

From North Carolina to Belgium and Back: One School's Dream Come True
by Robin McMahon

We all have dreams; hopefully, most of us can make them happen. Ten years ago I had a vision of establishing an academically rich exchange program which would become a teaching tool for teachers...AND I would secure enough outside funding that every child taking French would be able to participate on this linguistic program to France and Belgium regardless of economic hardship. It has happened, and I still cannot believe it. Of course, I am too busy arranging exchanges, writing grant proposals, creating international collaborative lessons and teaching to think too much about it. However, I am happy.

redstar_white_bg Classroom Solutions: YANA

Edited by Sheila Cockey. YANA stands for 'You are Not Alone.' Your questions on challenges in your classrooms are answered by an expert on languages and culture teaching.

This month's question:

I am always looking for ways to improve my Spanish, but don't have the time or the money to go to Spain for a 3-week course. Are there any opportunities here in the US that are less than a week and offer an immersion course of study?

Read YANA's Answer...

redstar_white_bgHeritage Languages

Local US Languages and How to Teach Them
by Kevin Matthews

Schools and colleges don't always ask who their students are when deciding which languages to teach and how to design curricula. Seeking to remedy that, UCLA's National Heritage Language Resource Center hosts a week-long training workshop for language instructors and K-12 administrators from across the country. Read more...

redstar_white_bg Readers' Corner

Monthly Question
This month's question is: "How do you teach culture?" Click here to answer the Question.

Last month we asked "How do you inform students about and get them interested in study abroad opportunities?" Read responses here.

This month's poll asks about: "What is the most difficult aspect of teaching culture?" Click here to participate in the poll.

Last month, we asked, "Do you take your students on a trip to a country where the target language is spoken?" Click here to see the responses

We would love to hear your thoughts and feelings regarding this month's questions! All insights are welcome!

NCLRC announces new podcasts in Chinese, Russian and Arabic. These are drawn from twice-monthly webcasts with student activities. See Chinese, Russian and Arabic home pages.
Chinese Webcasts
Arabic Webcasts
Russian Webcasts
redstar_white_bg Culture Club

edited by Christine Meloni

The Culture Club is an online environment that provides instructors with materials and articles to assist them in teaching culture in their foreign language classrooms. New lesson plans, reviews of films and books, mystery photos, teen interviews, and articles on various aspects of culture will be added regularly. Visit the Culture Club at

redstar_white_bg Critical Languages

A Student's Perspective: Spotlight on NSLI - Youth by Jennifer Frey

This summer I spent six weeks traveling in China with the NSLI-Y Summer China Program for High School students. It was a State Department funded program. There were approximately 100 scholarships for China and many more for other critical languages. The scholarships were divided among many organizing groups. My trip to China was organized by the American Councils on Foreign Relations. Read more...


NSLI for Youth Applications are available now for US high school students interested in learning Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Korean, Persian, Russian, and Turkish. Deadline: November 11, 2010.

Save the Date: National Chinese Language Conference, April 14-16, 2011. Sponsored by the Asia Society, College Board, and the Mandarin Institute

redstar_white_bgTech for Teachers

Getting More From What You Have: Making Powerful Points
by John Ross

I spent a good deal of my time this past month preparing for and presenting workshops for two different groups of educators I have been working with, one of which is a cadre of language coaches who work with teachers to address the needs of English language learners. We've been exploring different technologies to support teaching and learning, and I focused much of our work on the process of creating digital stories using presentation software as a means to learn about using multimedia in the classroom. In others words, we used Microsoft PowerPoint to support teaching and learning. Even though it wasn't designed for educators, it's a really powerful tool that has the potential to support a variety of teaching needs. It's also an application most teachers and students have access to, so I thought I'd share some of those ideas with you as a continuation of my series on using what you have. Read more ...

redstar_white_bg Professional Development, Conferences and Funding Opportunities

Find out about all of the upcoming local and national conferences in one easy-to-access place, the Teachers' Calendar. We also list fellowship and grant opportunities and teacher exchange and study programs, along with student scholarships for foreign language study.


The Language Resource is a monthly publication of the National Capital Language Resource Center to provide practical teaching strategies, share insights from research, and announce professional development opportunities for all foreign language educators. Funded by the US Department of Education through Title VI, we are a consortium of Georgetown University, The George Washington University, and the Center for Applied Linguistics.

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