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Creating Rubrics

Preceding s discussed the role of criteria in planning for valid and reliable portfolio assessment. This discusses creating rubrics; combining criteria with rating scales to assess individual pieces of work in the portfolio and the portfolio as a whole.

8:1 Setting criteria
8:2 Portfolio scenarios: Creating rubrics
8:3 Learning reflections: Artifacts and attestations
8:4 Student self-assessment
8:5 Peer-assessment for language activities
8:6 Assessment of learner self-efficacy
8:7 Learning strategies: Learning tools in the portfolio

Sample Rubrics for Learning Strategy
Setting Reasonable Goals
Setting Personal Language Goals
Presentational Speaking: Self- and Peer-Assessment
Interactive Speaking Interview of Classmate: Self-Assessment
Role Play: Peer-Assessment
Story Retelling Checklist: Self-Assessment
Writing Rubric: Self-Assessment
Writing Rubric: Peer-Assessment
Listening to a News Story: Self-Assessment
Writing Assignment Guidelines and Assessment
Classwork in My Foreign Language Class: Self-Assessment
Auto-evaluación del trabajo en clase/Participación en clase
Travail en classe dans mon cours de langue: Auto-évaluation
Cooperative Group Work: Self-Assessment
Rating Your Language Learning Capability for French
Sample Learning Strategies Questionnaire for Reading : Russian
Sample Learning Strategies Questionnaire for Speaking : Russian
Learning Strategies Think-Aloud Record
Teaching Learning Strategies: A Checklist for Teachers

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