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Teaching World Languages: A Practical Guide

This section offers links to three Online Teaching Guides:

Each one is a self contained guide and it can also be obtained in print version. If you are interested in ordering a Print version, please email us.

Elementary Immersion Learning Strategies Guide: This is a guide to incorporating learning strategies into an existing immersion curriculum in Grades K-6. Included in the guide are chapters on teaching learning strategies, selecting strategies to introduce to students in language and content areas at each grade level, sample lessons, a model for developing a learning strategies lesson, learning strategies lists and definitions in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, and Russian.

Sailing the 5 Cs with Learning Strategies: This guide focuses on how the teaching learning strategies can aid the teacher meet the ACTFL Standards. It includes suggestions about how to teach learning strategies, suggestions about which strategies are appropriate to introduce at different stages, and a segment on FL learning strategies written specifically for the high school student.

Developing Autonomy in Language Learners: Learning Strategies Instruction in Higher Education: To learn a foreign language effectively, students need to know how to learn as well as what to learn. Having a repertoire of learning strategies can help students become better and more autonomous learners. This guide introduces 20 particularly useful learning strategies and demonstrates how teachers can present these strategies in the classroom.

Also, you may want to use the Learning Strategies Questionnaire for Secondary/Higher Education. These questionnaires created by NCLRC are available in PDF format here.

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