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Sheila W. Cockey (YANA), is a classroom teacher of secondary foreign languages and department chair for over 35 years. She now works from home, teaching special interest classes in Spanish, writing, leading workshops, presenting sessions at workshops and conferences, supervising teacher interns, and occasionally doing adjunct teaching. Her teaching experiences focus on Spanish language and culture, with an emphasis on incorporating the National Standards into our everyday teaching. Her current energies are directed toward more general educational issues such as implementation of standards of learning, developing classroom management skills, encouraging student proficiency, and other kinds of professional development for teachers. She has published a variety of articles having to do with teaching methodology as well as using culture in the classroom. She holds a MALS with emphasis on Spanish and Latin American culture, and a MEd with a specialization in Educational Technology Leadership.

YANA is an expert on languages and culture teaching. Every month she answers reader's questions related to languages. If you wish, you can Ask YANA a question or browse previous Q&A using the topic menu above.

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