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These are "virtual communities" that exist on the web, and are often invaluable tools for seeking advice from peers, sharing concerns and insights with colleagues, and providing you with infinite ideas for your language teaching. Information available on these sites range from teaching materials/lessons, position announcements, classroom management advice and general support. A word of warning: You may want to consider opening a new email account solely for these listservs due to the sheer volume of feedback and responses. Favorites include:

  • The Foreign Language Teaching Forum (FLTeach)
    Invites "Students in teacher training programs, teachers both new and experienced, administrators, and other professionals interested in any aspect of foreign language teaching" to participate in discussions.
  • Teachers Net's Mentor Support Center
    Aims to bring together "hundreds of thousands of educators in an environment specially designed to foster peer support and development"
  • Ñandutí
    A resource on foreign language learning in grades K-8.
  • ACTFL Online Community
    This community is your professional home where you can connect with colleagues, join in discussions, find answers and contribute to the learning.
  • Twitter for Teachers
    This wiki was created to easily help educators find other educators on Twitter that have the same interests as them (that teach in the same content area).

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