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In this section you will find sites categorized by language; some of them are in English (even if they are about a specific foreign language) and some are in the source language (Authentic). The sites that use multiple languages or can't be categorized into one particular language are found in the Universal section.

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Kid’s Web Japan
This educational website designed for kids offers primary links titled 1) Explore Japan, 2) Culture Corner, 3) Cookbook for Kids, 4) Kids’ Life, 5) Say it in Japanese, 6) Hi-tech Japan, and 7) Kids Travel Agency. Each primary link contains sublinks, such as options to study a map or annual calendar of Japan under “Explore Japan, or options to review basic recipes or read feature articles under “Cookbook for Kids, or learn about protecting the environment under “Hi-tech Japan. Along with the primary content links, the website offers quizzes, games, greeting cards, gallery photos, among other fun interactive tools.

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Chinese Resources
This site, Chinese Resources, provides a variety of resources for the teaching, learning, and study of Chinese language and culture. An ongoing project intended to serve the needs and interests (at all levels) of teachers and students of Chinese language and culture, this site provides resources for three separate areas:

Texts & Voice: This section provides both original texts--in either classical or vernacular Chinese--and compiled teaching-texts for instructional purposes. (Some of the texts have voice components.) Dictionaries will also be found here.

Images & Realia: This section provides images from photos and printed materials, and from other electronically-produced or reproduced charts and tables, as well as calendars, maps, and atlases.

Categorized Links: This section provides useful links to various of the other Chinese websites which are of both general and specific nature.

This site was originally established by the Consortium for Language Teaching and Learning, with generous support from the Henry Luce Foundation; the site resides at Dartmouth College, under the aegis of Humanities Resources.

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Cantonese Language Association
The purpose of the association is to facilitate communication amongst teachers and scholars of Cantonese and to promote study and research in the fields of Cantonese language pedagogy, linguistics and culture, and to further the common interests of teachers and scholars of both Standard Cantonese and other Yue dialects.

Selected Bibliography of Cantonese Pedagogical Works
This website offers a selected bibliography of Cantonese pedagogical works. The site offers a list of texts, dictionaries and other supplemental materials, computer programs, and other projects in progress at the Center for Applied Linguistics, the Hong Kong Linguistics Society, and James Dew in Beijing.

Cantonese Programs Around the World
This website includes a list of programs in Cantonese according to Cantonese Language Association (CLA) records. This site includes programs that are active in Australia, Canada, Europe, PRC/Hong Kong, and the U.S.

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Latinteach -- The teaching of the Latin Language
This list has been set up so that Latin teachers may exchange teaching ideas and lesson plans, discuss textbook options, ask questions, and share expertise. This website also offers a Latinteach Bookstore as well as a collection of prior postings to the list at Latinteach Archives, a site only available to list members.

Diotima serves as an interdisciplinary resource for anyone interested in patterns of gender around the ancient Mediterranean and as a forum for collaboration among instructors who teach courses about women and gender in the ancient world. This site includes course materials, the beginnings of a systematic and searchable bibliography, and links to many on-line resources, including articles, book reviews, databases, and images. Ross Scaife and Suzanne Bonefas launched this project in early 1995; since that time it has been developed mainly by Scaife, but with help and contributions from many quarters.

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Tecla is a text magazine written for learners and teachers of Spanish produced weekly during the UK academic year by the Consejería de Educación. The website offers archives for the magazine that run from 1994-2006. This on-line magazine is part of a larger website for the Council of Education in the United Kingdom and in Ireland: The Council of Education in United Kingdom and Ireland offers its services of support to the education of the Spanish in these countries like part of the initiative of the Spanish Government to promote the Spanish language and culture anywhere in the world.

Halloween Fun & Games:
This Halloween page is intended to provide teachers of French, German and Spanish with lots of activities for the holiday season. Some of the activities can be done interactively on the screen and others you have our permission to print out for use in your class

Poetry sites
Poesia in Espagnol/Spanish Poetry
Los Poetas

Periódicos en internet (Online newspapers)

SP. Esta es una página que ofrece información y enlaces directos a revistas español en una diversidad de temas: ciencias, fotografía, automóviles, decoración, y geografía. Además presenta enlaces a revistas en francés.

EN. This is a website that also provides resourceful information and direct links to Spanish language magazines in a variety of topics: science, photography, cars, decoration, and geography. It also offers links to magazines in French language.

La tuna en España (La tuna in Spain)

SP. Esta página en Internet ofrece una presentación completa sobre cómo los estudiantes universitarios españoles continúan la tradición medieval de los estudiantes trovadores conocidos como: la tuna. Este sitio informa sobre la historia, costumbres, vestuario, instrumentos musicales, y cancioneros de la tuna tradicional. Además se pueden escuchar las canciones y utilizarse como material para diseñar actividades auditivas, identificación del vocabulario específico, discusiones de los temas usados en las canciones, al igual que oír el acento español.  Se puede usar esta página para preparar presentaciones orales y escritas redacciones sobre este aspecto cultural tan particular de España. Además, los estudiantes pueden acceder  a los enlaces específicos de cada tuna que hay que España y ver sus fotos.  La página está también traducida al inglés y al francés.

EN. This website offers a very complete presentation on how college students in Spain continue the medieval Spanish tradition of university student troubadours: la tuna.  The site shows a rich coverage of the history, customs, clothing, musical instruments, and songs of the traditional tuna. Students can listen to authentic songs and use them to design activities on listening comprehension, identification of specific vocabulary, discussion of topics used in the songs, and hear to Spanish accent. The site also provides links to each of the existing tunas in Spain. This website can be used as resource for oral and written presentations on this unique cultural practice in Spain. Also, students can access the links to the tunas in each University around Spain and enjoy pictures. The website is translated into English and French.

Bromas (Jokes)

SP. Las siguientes páginas en Internet tratan de bromas en español traducidas también al inglés. Los estudiantes pueden identificar el uso metafórico de la lengua y la interpretación del humor en otras culturas.

EN. The following websites are also websites of jokes in Spanish that are translated into English. Students can identify the use of metaphorical language and the interpretation of humor across cultures.

Centro de Información de la Red Latinoamericana
(Latin American Network Information Center)

SP. Esta página de Internet ofrece enlaces a periódicos en español de todas partes del mundo. Además ofrece referencias publicaciones, revistas y diarios académicos. En la misma página aparece una sección de medios informativos donde se puede encontrar más información sobre páginas periodísticas, radio y televisión.

EN. This is a website that provides links to online newspapers in Spanish from all over the world. It also refers to other publications, magazines or academic journals. There is also a media information section where you can find further information on Journalism and Radio & Television.

BBC mundo (BBC World)

SP. Este es un ejemplo de un periódico en Internet que es de los mas usados por los estudiantes. Ofrece una sección muy completa de editoriales y archivos periodísticos. También ofrece una versión en otras lenguas por lo que se puede usar en otras clases de idiomas extranjeros. Los temas que aparecen están divididos en categorías según la categoría en particular. Una de las secciones más interesantes  es el foro en el que es posible participar e interactuar con otros lectores. Otra sección sorprendente es la que presenta recursos auditivos para escuchar las noticias usando radio player.

EN. This is an example of the online newspaper that is most used by my students of Advanced Spanish. It offers a very complete section on editorials and archives. It offers versions in a different language so it could actually be used for any other foreign language class besides Spanish. There are topics divided into categories where to find news related to the particular area.  One of the most interesting sections is the forum area in which it is possible to participate and interact with other readers. Another amazing section is the audio resource to listen to news through radio player.

Biblioteca Virtual (Virtual Library)

SP. Esta revista virtual presenta una serie de enlaces a diferentes revistas en español de temas diversos en general como la Internet, revistas en Latino -América sobre una variedad de temas, economía, medios de comunicación, comercio, política y cultura entre otros. Esta pagina es un recurso excelente pata estudiantes interesados en temas de Latinoamérica.

EN. This virtual magazine website provides links to different Spanish language magazines of general issues, internet and magazines in Latin America dealing with a variety of topics: economics, media, culture, marketing, politics and culture among others. This is a very good resource for learners searching for topics in Latin America.

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Français interactif
This site includes digital audio and video clips in authentic spoken French, a grammar reference, grammar exercises that are self-correcting, vocabulary and phonetics sections, Internet-based activities, and an electronic workbook.

Le Point du FLE
This website contains numerous songs in French for teachers and students to hear on-line. Listed songs include those for activités, divers, pour enfants/comptines, hymnes nationaux, et karayoké.

Espace Francophone
A press release describing our new online service for French teachers, (in English: This website provides, free of charge, a huge amount of materials, resources and classroom exercises for French teachers. We invite you to explore the site and to begin downloading the free videos and related study guides which may be found under the Media/Cinema  « Videos for the Classroom » areas.
The areas of particular interest, which are updated regularly with new materials, teacher exercises and much practical info are under:

This WebQuest is for students at the secondary level, grades 9-12 who are interested in the Impressionist Movement. Key questions are: Was Impressionism a movement of various and different styles, or were the artists involved devoted to a particular style of painting?

Art Exhibit
This web quest designed by Nancy Nolen for 6-9the graders presents the following challenge:
You are a member of an elite group of museum curators for a traveling art exhibit that is coming to your school. Your job is to research and acquire the artworks you will display in the show.

Le Musée De Beaux Arts De Belleville
This is a web quest copyrighted by Beverly Larson in 2000 that asks students to make recommendations for an art exposition in France, based on on-line research.
Tourism is a major industry in France, and small towns must compete for tourists' dollars. Belleville, a tiny town in a little known region, needs your help selecting works for a special exposition in its 16th century château, in hopes of attracting art connoisseurs from around the world. As a team, you will study art movements, visit major museums, and recommend works of art for the special exposition at le musée de Beaux Arts de Belleville.

Mon Tableau Préféré
This web quest was created by Pete Jones and offers a fun activity for French students to choose a favorite work of art and analyze its scene, colors, and any music that would appropriately accompany the display of the work.

Comment analyser une peinture?
Madeline Bishop, reflects on FL Teach message board about this website:
"Here's a pretty cool URL for teaching with art.  It tells how to analyze a painting and it is on a page designed to help French speaking teachers teach younger students about how to give a report about a painting.  I just found it yesterday."
-Madeline Bishop, FL Teach, 09/12/06

Halloween Fun & Games:
This Halloween page is intended to provide teachers of French, German and Spanish with lots of activities for the holiday season. Some of the activities can be done interactively on the screen and others you have our permission to print out for use in your class

Poetry sites
Anthologie de la poésie française
Anthologie d’Or
Club des Poetes

FR.Si vous aimez la poésie, voici un site qui va vous séduire et vous inviter à lire vos poèmes favoris et à découvrir de nouvelles oeuvres de vos auteurs préférés. Vous voyagerez dans le temps et choisirez le siècle qui vous tente. Certains poèmes sont même présentés en version originale et vous serez incités à lire le français médiéval. Toute la poésie française vous attend et vous offre ses trésors.
EN. If you like poetry, you will enjoy this site and spend time reading your favorite poems and discovering new ones by your favorite poets. You will go back in time and choose the century you prefer. Some poems are even in their original form and you will be challenged to read medieval French. All the treasures of French poetry will be at your fingertips.

Un site humour (a humor site)
FR. Ceci est simplement un exemple de ce que l'on peut trouver sur ce site qui offre aussi de la musique et bien d'autres choses.
EN. This is simply one example of what you can find on this site that also offers music and many other things.

Un site touristique (a tourist site)
FR. C'est une belle invitation au voyage et on y voit de magnifiques châteaux.
EN. This is a nice invitation to travel and you can see some magnificent castles here.

Le coin du spécialiste (the specialist's corner)
FR. C'est un site de dictionnaires d'autrefois, excellent pour perfectionner sa connaissance du français des grands classiques.
EN. This is a dictionary site that is useful for improving your knowledge of the French used by authors of bygone times.

Votre horoscope (Your horoscope)
FR.Inscrivez-vous gratuitement et vous recevrez chaque matin votre horoscope sur votre ordinateur personnel. Ce site est amusant et également très utile. Les prédictions ne sont pas à prendre au sérieux, bien évidemment, mais elles sont rédigées en excellent français et présentent de nombreuses expressions idiomatiques qui sont intéressantes à connaître et à mémoriser pour utiliser à l’avenir.
EN.Register for free and you will receive your horoscope in French every morning on your personal computer. This website is fun but also very useful.The predictions are not to be taken seriously obviously, but they are written in excellent French with a great amount of idiomatic and colloquial expressions that you will enjoy understanding and memorizing for future use.

Radio France Internationale (RFI)
FR.Voici un site internet qui va vite devenir votre favori. Quand vous ouvrez le site, allez à la rubrique La langue française et vous découvrirez un vaste choix de sujets. Celui qui est particulièrement intéressant est les informations en français facile. Vous aurez accés à divers bulletins d’informations pré-enregistrés que vous pourrez écouter et lire simultanément.Puis vous pourrez également vérifier votre compréhension orale en faisant les tests qui accompagnent chaque dossier d’informations et qui sont auto-corrigés directement par le système. Les étudiants apprécient beaucoup ce site qui leur permet de faire de rapides progrés de compréhension du français parlé, tout en offrant un grand choix de sujets variés.
EN. Here is a website that will soon become your favorite. Once you are on the main page, go to La Langue Française and you will have a great choice of options. One that is particularly interesting is Les informations en français facile. You will be able to access pre-recorded news bulletins that you will listen to and read simultaneously. Then you can test your oral comprehension with the appropriate self-testing system provided for every “dossier”. Students enjoy this site a lot and improve their ability to understand spoken French on a great variety of subjects.

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Poetry sites
La Poesia Italiana del Secondo Novecento
Antologia Virtuale Della Poesia Italiana

Camilleri Fans Club

IT. Andrea Camilleri è noto per i suoi ottimi gialli con il carismatico Commissario Montalbano come protagonista. Questo sito ha un'abbondanza di informazioni su di lui ed le sue opere. Potete leggere del suo uso del dialetto siciliano nei romanzi. Potete trovare una lista delle frasi preferite dei suoi lettori. Potete anche scoprire qualcuno dei suoi piatti preferiti insieme alle ricette, per esempio, gamberetti e purpiteddri in salsetta, antipasto speciale ai frutti di mare, sarde a beccafico, e caciocavallo stagionato passuluna e aulive. Potete perfino fare un giro in Vigata, il paese di Montalbano.

EN. Andrea Camilleri is well known for his excellent mystery books featuring the charismatic Inspector Montalbano. This site has a wealth of information about him and his books. You can read about his use of the Sicilian dialect and find a list of his readers' favorite quotations. You can also discover some of his favorite dishes complete with recipes such as gamberetti e purpiteddri in salsetta, antipasto speciale ai frutti di mare, sarde a beccafico, and caciocavallo stagionato passuluna e aulive. You can even take a tour of Montalbano's town of Vigata.

Bennilogia: Wiki su Stefano Benni (Bennilogia: Wiki on Stefano Benni)

IT. Stefano Benni è attualmente uno dei piú popolari scrittori in Italia. É l'autore di diversi best-seller, per esempio, Il bar sotto il mare, Bar Sport, L'ultima lacrima, e Prima o poi l'amore arriva. Un wiki chiamata Bennilogia è stato creato dai suoi ammiratori. Ecco la spiegazione che si trova sul sito: "Bennilogia è un'enciclopedia interamente dedicata al mondo di Stefano Benni e liberamente costruita dai suoi lettori. Chiunque ne abbia voglia può stilare voci da inserire nelle categorie elencate qui di sotto o inventarne delle nuove. È un libero esercizio della fantasia, un modo di giocare insieme, per condividere sensazioni, emozioni, rabbie. Un modo per conoscerci attraverso il nostro autore preferito. Le voci inserite devono ricalcare - ovviamente in maniera scherzosa - le voci di un dizionario."

EN. Stefano Benni is currently one of Italy's most popular writers. He is the author of numerous best-sellers including Il bar sotto il mare, Bar Sport, L'ultima lacrima, and Prima o poi l'amore arriva. Some fans have created a wiki for him entitled Bennilogia. Here is the explanation given on the site (translated by cfm): "Bennilogia is an encyclopedia dedicated entirely to the world of Stefano Benni and freely created by his readers. Anyone who has the desire may add entries in any of the categories listed here below or invent new categories. It is a free expression of fantasy, a way to play together, to share sensations, emotions, anger. A way to know each other through our favorite author. The comments added must imitate – in a humorous way, of course – the entries of a dictionary."

Carta Literaria: Che altro leggono i lettori di Stefano Benni?
(Literature Map: What else do readers of Stefano Benni read?)

IT. É un sito molto interessante. Vedete il nome di Stefano Benni che galleggia in mezzo allo schermo ed intorno al suo nome vedete i nomi galeggianti di altri autori che i lettori di Benni leggono.

EN. This is a very interesting site. You see the name Stefano Benni floating in the middle of the screen and around his name you see the floating names of other authors that Benni readers read.

Parco di Pinocchio
IT. Visitate il Parco di Pinocchio nel paese di Carlo Collodi, il creatore di questo classico burattino.
EN.Visit the Park of Pinocchio in the town of Carlo Collodi, the creator of this classic character.

Confetti di Sulmona

IT.La caratteristica cittadina di Sulmona negli Abruzzi è un centro per la produzione dei confetti che sono offerti agli ospiti negli avvenimenti importanti come matrimoni, battesimi, e feste di laurea. Questo sito illustra la storia e la tradizione dei confetti.

EN.The charming town of Sulmona in the Abruzzi is a center for the production of sugared almonds (confetti) which are traditionally given to guests at important events such as weddings, baptisms, and graduation parties. This site tells you the history and tradition of confetti.

Testi di Canzoni Napoletane
IT. In questo sito si possono trovare i testi di quasi tutte le canzoni napoletane.
EN. At this site you can find the texts of almost all the Neapolitan songs.

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Poetry sites
Arabic Poems
Arab Gateway Poetry Page


Halloween Fun & Games:
This Halloween page is intended to provide teachers of French, German and Spanish with lots of activities for the holiday season. Some of the activities can be done interactively on the screen and others you have our permission to print out for use in your class

Poetry sites
University in Freiburg
Goethe’s poems on line:


Poetry sites

“Funded by the U.S. Department of Education, the High School-to-College Articulation Project (HSCAP) is designed for Russian language learners at the advanced high school level and novice-intermediate college level, as well as heritage learners. The project combines the study of advanced Russian language with several aspects of Russian culture.”

This website includes modules on historical topics such as Lomonosov or Enlightened Absolutism, Literary topics such as Alexander Pushkin or Fedor Dostoevsky, and Cultural topics such as Russian Fairy Tales or Moscow. The site is a wonderful resource to supplement teacher curriculum, or a great site for students to interact with directly as they prepare to continue with the Russian language into college.

This site is part of a larger “RussNet” site that contains a Russian newsletter, information on Russian language programs, resources for downloading the font to type in Russian, and a link to American Councils that support exchanges between the U.S. and Europe.


Two Russian newspapers in Russian! Both are great resources for teacher curriculum, class projects, and a place for advanced speakers to practice their language skills beyond the classroom. Perhaps have your advanced Russian students write an article modeled after the style of one that they discover in these on-line news sources.

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Various language links

Press Display: Around the world with just a click
by Ben Redmond

Locating engaging, yet relevant foreign language reading materials for use in the classroom often proves challenging, as teachers are limited by cost and availability of resources. Tailoring these materials to highlight specific areas of interest for individual students is nearly impossible. But, if teachers had full access to prestigious daily publications in a number of target languages, they might be able to offer them just that.

topnewspapers boasts access to “500 newspapers from 70 countries in 37 languages” and emphatically delivers it with a visually engaging, easy to navigate interface. The site offers full graphical, digital editions of major newspapers, accessible on the actual date of publication. Users can browse PressDisplay’s extensive collection by country, language, author, section heading, date, or by a specific publication title. PressDisplay features 12 primary languages with rough on-the-fly translation possible for many articles. These 12 working languages are:

  • Afrikaans
  • Czech
  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Thai lends itself neatly to adaptation in classroom settings, encouraging improvement in foreign language reading and comprehension skills. Perhaps one of PressDisplay’s most innovative features (and most useful for language learning) is sound integration, which reads selected stories aloud to users, word for word. Using the sound integration feature, teachers can craft listening exercises from a large volume of compatible daily articles. In addition, this provides visually impaired users with a helpful companion as they keep up with current events.

Users are encouraged to share stories of their choice with anyone who has an email address, providing teachers the means to keep their classroom informed on breaking news of interest. In effect, target-language newspapers foster greater understanding of a culture by highlighting developments in entertainment, sport, and in the arts while challenging readers to adopt a global perspective on international events. PressDisplay was not designed specifically with language learners in mind, and as a result, content may be best suited for intermediate-advanced level students and instructors should select pieces carefully. provides free access to 2 articles from every issue every day and offers a variety of other, more comprehensive pricing plans, ranging from $10 to $200 a month. Many schools and libraries have already included PressDisplay among their virtual collections and EBSCO library systems bundles it with their subscription. Offering a wide range of possible classroom applications, equips teachers with an endless supply of previously unavailable resources that promise to arouse the intellect of students in any language.

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CLEAR’s Internet Sourcebooks for Business in a Foreign Language
by Laura Blythe Liu

Is one of your goals as a foreign language teacher to prepare your students for authentic language use beyond the classroom? Perhaps a unit on developing foreign language use for the business world is an answer to this desire. Michigan State University’s Center for Language Education and Research (CLEAR) offers FREE "Internet Sourcebooks" for developing business foreign language in French, German, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish. One of the most notable aspects of these sites is that they are composed almost entirely in the target language! This resource is not a tool for the beginning or intermediate language learner, but is clearly intended for the more advanced learner who is ready to venture into a new field with a base of already developed language skills.

If you would like to use this site with beginning/intermediate speakers, the websites can be easily translated into English using Google’s "language tools" listed to the right of the search bar or use: . Copy and paste any webpage from the CLEAR website into the "Translate a web page" bar and select language translation beneath the bar. All future pages will be translated into English. (You do not need to translate each page individually).

The Five Internet Sourcebooks
The five Internet Sourcebooks can be found by linking to "Materials and Products" and then to "Online Resources" from CLEAR’s website, or by scrolling to the bottom of the following site:
Each language’s Internet sourcebook offers its own unique blend of materials and resources to develop business language proficiency in the target language. A description of purpose can be found in English for each of the sites, which states, "This free Internet Sourcebook has been developed to provide a single location for links to many Internet resources relevant to the study of [language] business and economics." A couple sites note the use of the target language is intended to "maintain the integrity" of the language and "encourage proper reading and recognition" of the language in business culture. The homepage for each site offers links for CLEAR’s homepage and MSU-CIBER’s (Center for International Business Education and Research) upcoming workshops, presentations, or other events, such as, "Language and Culture for International Business: A Workshop for Foreign Language Educators in Spanish, French, German, Korean and Japanese."

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LCTL Listservs
The Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition (CARLA) offers a LCTL Listserv:
The Less Commonly Taught Languages Project has established ten electronic mailing lists (listservs) to provide a way for LCTL teachers to maintain contact with one another. Discussions on these lists are unmoderated, and are expected to revolve around pedagogy, materials, enrollments, and meetings. Future announcements of sources of sharable material, organized by the LCTL project, will also be made through these lists. These lists average about 3 postings a month. Website users have the option of subscribing to:
LCTL-T – a general discussion list for all LCTL teachers
Celtic-T – for teachers of Celtic languages
Dutch-T – for teachers of Dutch
FL-assessments -- for all teachers interested in assessment issues
Hebrew-T – for teachers of Hebrew
Hindi-T – for teachers of Hindi
Indonesian-T -- for teachers of Indonesian
Italian-T -- for teachers of Italian
Korean-T – for teachers of Korean
Nordic-T – for teachers of Scandinavian languages
Polish-T – for teachers of Polish
Portuguese-T – for teachers of Portuguese
Polish-T – for teachers of Polish
SEE-T -- for South East European language teachers -- Albanian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian and Slovenian
Tamil-T -- for teachers of Tamil

LCTL Organizations:
CARLA also offers a website on professional development organizations for LCTL teachers.
This page contains a list of organizations, with contact information, for both specific languages and LCTL teaching in general. You can scroll through the entire list, or use the index below to go directly to the language or language group

Guggenheim International Museums
The Global Exhibitions page of the New York Guggenheim Museum links us to excellently designed sites for the Bilbao, Venice and Berlin Museums. Explore the vast art collections in English or the target language.

United Nations
If you can’t take your students to New York to visit the United Nations, take a virtual field trip on the U.N. homepage. Available in 6 languages: English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, and Spanish, this website is a great way to explore and learn about the United Nations. Get information on member states, the structure of the U.N., current world events, human rights issues, and much more. The site is also a great resource for authentic materials such as maps, databases, and online publications that you can download and use in your instruction. For information on international education, take a ride on the UN Cyber School Bus

STA Travel
STA is a travel agency geared specifically to students and youth. At the homepage, choose any country to get a site in that country's language, specifically geared to travelers from that area. This is a great idea for an authentic material for your classroom. Students can check flights, hotels, excursions, destinations, trains, and everything else you would expect from a travel agency, all with trips, stories, photos, and special touches that make the site appealing for young (would-be) globetrotters.

Mama Lisa's World: Children's Songs and Rhymes
Mama Lisa’s World is an excellent collection of children’s songs and rhymes from all over the world. There are songs from six continents and over 50 countries. Mama Lisa displays the lyrics musical score for hundreds of children’s songs, and you can even listen to the songs. The lyrics to the songs are in the native language, and are also translated to English. Mama Lisa’s World is the perfect tool for elementary level language teachers. This site not only offers children’s songs and rhymes, but also has an extensive library of children's books from around the world.

Swiss International Airlines
Covering travel and transportation this semester? You can find great authentic materials on airline websites. Swiss Air is particularly valuable because it has French, Italian and German.

The Internet Public Library
The Internet Public Library provides links to hundreds of online newspapers from around the world. Find out what’s "News" anywhere, anytime! This site, which also includes other target language references such as magazines, calendars, and dictionaries, serves as an innovative tool for FL teachers to keep students updated on current events in the target culture.


Looking for authentic materials to expose students to the target language? The Web is an excellent source for articles, poems, music, travel guides, advertisements etc. Check out Yahoo's International sites written entirely in the target language. The Internet makes finding up-to-date materials on target culture current events, famous people, arts, and popular culture easy and, in most cases, free.

Book Lovers' Index
The authentic materials theme continues with a look at the Book Lovers Index. This site contains an exciting list of links to poetry and literature in multiple languages from multiple regions. You will find literary treasures in a host of languages such as Chinese, Afghan, Finnish, Irish, Dutch, Icelandic, and Persian. Be warned, you could spend many enjoyable hours browsing this site! Extensive materials can be found in the more commonly taught languages such as French and Spanish, as well as the less commonly taught languages such as Russian, Hebrew, and Korean.

Spanish Language, Hispanic Culture
Spanish teachers, if you are looking to integrate culture into your lessons, check out Kathleen McGregor's links to Spanish Language, Hispanic Culture and Literature Links, and More Interesting and Fun Websites! You will find general and country specific links for literature, art, music, cinema, history, government, current events, and travel. Although some of the links don't work, as is common on link sites, the resources you find should be worth the time.

Nutrition Education for New Americans Project
Looking for authentic materials that teach useful science content as well? The Nutrition Education for New Americans Project, a program of the Department of Anthropology and Geography at Georgia State University, offers a unique way of incorporating target language materials into the classroom. You'll find valuable information about nutrition in over 30 languages, from Amharic to Yoruba. Worksheets include food pyramids in each language, as well as handouts about good nutrition across the lifespan. Teaching with these authentic materials is a fun way to explore nutrition in different cultures while developing language skills.
Looking for a wild language site? Check out the numbers from 1 to 10 in Over 4500 Languages compiled by Mark Rosenfelder. You can explore global counting by clicking on regions on the home page map or you can scroll down and choose a language from one of the following areas:

  • Indo-European, Dravidian, and minor European languages
  • Afro-Asiatic and Caucasian languages
  • Nilo-Saharan, Kordofanian, and Khoisan languages
  • Niger-Congo languages
  • More Niger-Congo languages, including Bantu
  • Uralic, and Altaic, and Miao-Yao, and Tai, and Austro-Asiatic, and other Asian languages
  • Sino-Tibetan languages
  • Austronesian languages
  • North American Indian languages - Eskimo, Na-den, Algic, Keres, Siouan, Caddoan, Iroquoian, Kiowa-Tanoan "Hokan", isolates
  • Mesoamerican Indian languages - "Penutian", Uto-Aztecan, Oto-Manguean, Macro-Chibchan, Paezan Yanomaman
  • South American Indian languages - "Andean", "Equatorial", Tupi-Cariban, Macro-Otomakoan, Guamo-Chapacuran, Macro-Arawakan, Bora-Witotoan, Macro-Waikuran, Macro-Panoan, Macro-Ge, isolates
  • Indo-Pacific languages
  • Australian languages
  • Pidgins and creoles
  • Constructed languages
Exploring the wide range of languages in the world helps build a sense of global community and allows you and your students to discover all sorts of cool language features.

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